Night time photo outside Hazel Gap Barn

Weddings at Hazel Gap Barn

About Hazel Gap Barn wedding venue

What can I say about Hazel Gap Barn wedding venue? There’s something truly warming about a wedding set in the rustic beauty of a converted barn. Beautiful wooden beams frame the venue, with picturesque exposed brickwork. Hazel Gap Barn, a member of Cripps and Co family, is a perfect example of an idyllic countryside wedding venue.

Bride and groom posing for wedding photos at Hazel Gap Barn

Hazel Gap Barn - Quick facts

Hazel Gap Barn is a stunning rustic brick barn located on the Welbeck Estate in Budby outside Worksop in Nottinghamshire.

Ceremony and dining capacity - 150

Capacity including evening guests - 250

Late night license until 1 am

Arriving at Hazel Gap Barn

After arriving at Hazel Gap Barn you will be invited through the side door to the getting ready room that leads to the main barn where your partner will be waiting for you down the aisle. You will of course need to answer a couple of questions to the registrars before you walk down this magic aisle.

Bride arriving in a white London cab at Hazel Gap wedding barn

Wedding ceremonies at Hazel Gap Barn

Ceremonies take place in the main barn. After the interviews with the registrars you will walk down the aisle to join your partner and ,oh boy! this will be the best time of your lives!

The main barn where the ceremonies are held is actually a quite challenging piece of work in terms of wedding photography but doing it right can result in some spectacular results. Two arched doors in the middle of the barn let plenty of daylight into the room while both ends of the barn are, to put it simply, dark. This is especially tricky when you are walking down the aisle and the light changes as you walk.

Cocktail hour

While you wait for the main meal to be served, now as a newly married couple, you can enjoy the company of your guests in the courtyard. After the ceremony, drinks will be served here while your guests enjoy a stroll around the grounds and take photos with the barn.

Food at Hazel Gap Barn

A large barbecue in the far corner of the courtyard won't go unnoticed. You can literally watch your food being cooked. How is that for a wedding meal build up!

The party

After the meal, you will be invited back to the main barn to dance the night away.

Wedding photography at Hazel Gap Barn

To say you'll be spoiled for choice would be an understatement. The beauty of having your wedding photos taken at Hazel Gap Barn is that literally wherever you look, you find a picturesque corner, fireplace, brick wall, courtyard, woodland, you name it.

Your couples photos don't have to take long either. I keep these to a minimum and usually a 2-3 short photo walks (5-10 mins each) around the barn are enough to produce stunning photographs. Here are just a few of my favourite photo spots around the barn:

1. Ceremony room

After the ceremony the main barn is cleared and the chairs moved to the dining area. This creates a window of opportunity for a few photos of just the two of you in this stunning room.

2. Front drive

The main drive is a great location for those postcard type photos showing the venue in the whole glory. The photos look even better after sunset with the brickwork nicely illuminated wit headlights. It's also a popular spot for the group shots.

3. Rear garden

The rear garden boasts a gorgeous tree alley leading to a beautiful raw woodland, giving plenty of photo opportunities

4. Courtyard

The courtyard is great for photos with the little fountain and a few mulberry trees.

A quick photo in the courtyard while your guests are being seated.

5. Confetti shots at Hazel Gap Barn

After the ceremony your guests will gather in the courtyard outside the arched doors waiting for you to come out. This is where the confetti shots take place.

6. Group photos

There is plenty of space for your group photos at Hazel Gap Barn. The courtyard, main drive, read garden or even inside the main barn if it rains outside.

7. Sparklers at Hazel Gap Barn

Wedding sparklers are kind of regular guests at weddings these days and they often visit Hazel Gap Barn. So yes this venue allows sparklers but as always speak to your wedding coordinator prior to your wedding and let them know.

8. Smoke bombs at Hazel Gap Barn

As with the sparklers, it's always worth asking your wedding coordinator first if you can use smoke bombs. The effects can be spectacular. Both sparklers and smoke bombs require lots of common sense when using them. Always follow the advice provided by the venue and use them far from the building to avoid the smoke alarm getting set off.

9. Night time photos at Hazel Gap Barn

Even after the sun goes behind the horizon there is plenty going on in terms of photo opportunities. Rustic looking fairy lights and wooden beams will give amazing results at night. If you chose to go outside then the flood lights illuminating the barn will provide equally spectacular backdrop.

Bride and groom waling holding hands outside a barn

Check out this beautiful wedding at Hazel Gap Barn on my blog.

Accommodation near Hazel Gap Barn

As stunning as it is, unfortunately Hazel Gap Barn does not provide any accommodation. At the end of the day it's a wedding venue (a damn good one), not a hotel. Luckily there are a few places nearby where you and your guests can stay the night after. These are just a few but feel free to search Google for hotels near the venue and I'm sure you'll find a good selection.

  • Clumber Park Hotel - 5.6 miles away
  • Thoresby Hall Hotel – 2.6 miles
  • The Forest Lodge Hotel - 4 miles
  • The Cottages1 in Edwinstowe - 4 miles
  • Redbrick Woodland Lodges - 7.8 miles
  • Ye Olde Bell Hotel & Spa – 9.2 miles

How to find Hazel Gap Barn

When on A616 between Budby and Cuckney, you simply can't miss the place. Please use the map's directions or the contact details below to get to Hazel Gap Barn.

Contact Details + Map

Hazel Gap Barn

Budby Road, Budby, NG22 9EY




Hazel Gap Barn Wedding Photographer

If you are getting married at Hazel Gap Barn and looking for a wedding photographer then I'd love to hear from you. I've photographed a number of weddings at Hazel Gap Barn and I know this venue throughout.

Please hit the button below to send me a message and I'll send you some more real wedding stories from this amazing venue.

Wedding sparklers

All you need to know about wedding sparklers

Whether you're wanting to add wedding sparklers to your wedding photos or wanting to provide a little extra fun for your guests, wedding sparklers can add a touch of magic. They can add this special touch to outdoor summer nuptials, or bring an extra sparkle to indoor winter celebrations. But before you rush out to buy them, I've compiled everything you need to know about sparklers for wedding in one handy little place.

This is the stuff you should know before buying your wedding sparklers so you can have an amazing wedding with no hidden surprises!

Sparklers for weddings - what is the best size?

Longer sparklers burn for longer. I recommend going for 16 or 18 inch sparklers for weddings that burn for about 70-90 seconds. This will give your wedding photographer enough time to produce some amazing photos.

Where to buy wedding sparklers?

Source your wedding sparklers in advance. There are a lot of places selling these online but here are just a couple of options available on Amazon.

How to light sparklers for wedding send offs?

  1. Prepare a safe place for everyone to stand, ideally somewhere sheltered from the wind, avoid open spaces.
  2. Ask your guests to hold the sparklers horizontally with the tip slightly lowered.
  3. Light the sparkler using a butane or propane lighter or a candle. Ideally you would use multiple lighters or candles to speed up this process if you have a large number of guests. Avoid using matches.

Here is a god You Tube video on how to light sparklers for wedding send offs safely and effectively:

Best time of day for wedding sparklers

Although this type of photos are often referred to as wedding send off or wedding exit, you don’t have to wait with these until the end of your wedding party. In my opinion, fixing these early on your wedding timeline when your guests are still half sober, is better. Waiting till midnight might prove it difficult to manage a group of not so sober guests waiving burning hot sparklers.

Of course on those long summer days you would have to wait till quite late but it doesn’t have to be pitch black outside. Your wedding photographer can work these at dusk and make it look night time.

Talk to your venue and photographer about timings and make sure you allow enough time for your sparkler send off photos.

How many sparklers do I need?

This depends on the number of guests you want to get involved in your sparklers exit. Most of your guests would probably want to get involved and it's a good idea to have a pair of sparklers per guest. This brings you to 100 sparklers for a 50 people wedding party. Please bare in mind that larger groups will take quite a lot of time to manage. A good number of guests for an effective sparklers send off is anything between 20 to 50.

Sparklers safety

  • Speak to your wedding venue first to ask about the best place for your sparklers exit.
  • Put a responsible and sober person in charge of your sparklers send off.
  • Keep the sparklers away from eyes, faces, skin and clothes. Definitely keep them away from the wedding dress!
  • Any children need to be supervised.
  • Make sure there is enough space between the two rows of guests for you to walk and keep a safe distance from the sparklers.
  • Get a bucket of water or sand for guests to put their burned sparklers. Don’t put them in a bin until they are completely cool.
Wedding sparklers in a bucket
Keep your sparklers safely in a bucket

Popular ways to use wedding sparklers

Sparklers can be used in many ways and providing you adhere to the venue's fire and safety policy and use common sense, you're only limited to your creativity.

  1. Sparklers send off. This is by far the most popular way to use sparklers at weddings.
  2. Writing in the air. You can ask your guests co come and write with sparklers while you stand still posing. You can draw letters, numbers or shapes, get creative.
  3. Unity candle alternative. Sparklers could be a great and fun way at ceremonies where couples light unity candles.
  4. Sparklers during first dance. Your guests could light sparklers and surround you during your first dance.

Wedding sparkler photos

Wedding sparklers exit photos are not only a fun way to give guests something different at a wedding but they can also be an amazing source of memories. I have gathered a few ideas for couples photos with sparklers and put them in one place so that you can use these to capture some fun photos at your wedding. This is a great way to some extra shots to your wedding photography gallery.

Alternatives to a wedding sparkler send off

There are various reasons why you would want to consider alternatives to a wedding sparkler send off. It could be that your venue does not allow wedding sparklers or you don't want to mess with fire on your wedding day. Whatever the reason here are a couple of alternatives to wedding sparklers:

  • bubbles
  • glow sticks
  • fiber optic wands
  • LED balloons
  • pom poms
  • smoke bombs
  • poppers
  • fireworks
  • confetti
  • paper airplanes

Fishlake Mill wedding venue in Doncaster

Wedding Venues in Doncaster

Getting married at the right wedding venue is one of the crucial requirements for a memorable wedding. At the very least, you need to be in a location with a fantastic atmosphere for your nuptial celebration. Somewhere that you and your partner both love. There are many beautiful wedding venues in Doncaster, but if you want to make sure your wedding is unforgettable, it's important to pick a venue you love.

Choosing the right wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you'll have to make when planning a wedding. Deciding on the type of venue, whether you want an outdoor or indoor ceremony, venue capacity, guest accommodation and of course menu options..

Being a wedding photographer allows me visit a lot of the local wedding venues and I want to share my experience with you. Below is my list of some of the best Doncaster wedding venues.

Table of contents

Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall is a public hall and park with beautiful landscapes and views over Doncaster. It offers couples a chance to hold wedding ceremonies inside and outside in marquees. You and your loved ones will love this Yorkshire wedding venue for its beautiful scenery and elegance. Other things you’ll love include the beautiful buildings, lovely landscape and gardens. There is also an option to have a marquee there for larger weddings.

See this wedding at Cusworth Hall on my blog if you'd like to view more from that place.

Bride and Groom at Cusworth Hall wedding venue
Cusworth Hall and Park

Fishlake Mill

Think of the magic you can make at a historic mill restored and transformed into a wedding venue. That place is Fishlake Mill, located in Fishlake outside Doncaster. Fishlake Mill gives you a venue that is uniquely beautiful in all seasons. Your own wedding ceremony here will be unique, magical and perfect. It's one of the best unusual wedding venues Doncaster has to offer when it comes to chilled and relaxed outdoor weddings. A fairytale setting.

Check out this gallery from a wedding at Fishlake Mill to see more photographs from this mill venue.

Fishlake Mill wedding venue in Doncaster

Priory Place

The Great Kitchen at Priory Place is one of the finest register office venues in Yorkshire. It was a fantastic move from Doncaster Council to open this place to the public and host wedding ceremonies there after the old one at Elmfield Park closed a few years ago. They only host ceremonies so you'll have to sort out your evening reception separately but it's one of the best small wedding venues Doncaster offers and it's a perfect place for those smaller or micro weddings.

Check out this wedding at Priory Place to see more photos from this venue.

Mansion House

Doncaster’s Mansion House offers couples elegant spaces for their wedding celebrations. Built in 1755 this grade 1 listed building is one of only four in the country and is located right in the centre of town. It also used to be the ex-mayor’s office. This majestic venue can cater to both intimate and large wedding celebrations. A wedding at the Mansion House would be one of splendour and beauty. It would undoubtedly be a day to remember.

Doncaster Mansion House wedding venue in Doncaster
Mansion House in Doncaster

The Earl of Doncaster Hotel

For our art lovers, the Earl of Doncaster Hotel is an art deco style hotel located in the centre of town. In existence since 1940, the Earl of Doncaster has been hosting weddings for over 50 years and has become one of the most iconic wedding venues in town. You can be sure that your wedding here will be a success. You’ll love the elegance, luxury and glamour at this wedding venue. The hotel offers plenty of accommodation for your guests as well.

The ballroom at The Earl of Doncaster Hotel wedding venue
Art deco ballroom at The Earl

Owston Hall

Owston Hall is a private hall and golf course where your dreams can come true. It gives couples a chance to celebrate in style as they say their vows while hosting their loved ones. With a hotel dating back to the 17th century, Owston Hall is excellent for holding all kinds of weddings. Owston church is literally over the fence if you're wanting to have a church wedding ceremony.

Here is an example gallery from a wedding at Owston Hall.

Owston Hall wedding venue in Doncaster
Owston Hall

Mount Pleasant Hotel

You can use three words to describe Mount Pleasant Hotel: Luxury, warmth, and hospitality. This family-run hotel is one of the finest wedding venues in the area. An absolute classic in the Doncaster area. It offers you a chance to celebrate your special day in a country house setting with gorgeous gardens and unspoiled woodland.

Mount Pleasant Hotel Wedding Photographer Doncaster
Mount Pleasant Hotel

Warmsworth Hall

Warmsworth Hall is a premier wedding venue set within the walls of the Holiday Inn Doncaster. It adds an elegant historical field to every ceremony. It’s a favourite for couples who love historical romance. It is also exclusive, and you can work with a dedicated wedding coordinator provided by this venue to make your wedding dreams come true.

Warmsworth Hall Doncaster wedding venue
Warmsworth Hall

Rossington Hall

Rossington Hall is a luxury wedding venue just outside Doncaster that is unique and is sure to impress you and your guests. You’ll love the beautiful Victorian vibes of this venue and the numerous wedding packages available on offer. It is a family-run space with attention to detail. At Rossington Hall, you can be sure of a fantastic wedding celebration.

Unique Occasions at Loversall

If you're looking for barn wedding venues in Doncaster then Loversall Farm is a place you need to check out, A fine rustic combo of an ancient stone built barn and a marquee to host your wedding ceremony and reception.

The Crown Hotel

Located in Bawtry, The Crown Hotel is an ideal wedding venue for a chic and elegant wedding and the private and enclosed garden will serve as a backdrop to your family and group photos.

Hilton Garden Inn

Fantastic view and effortless elegance are some of the things that attract couples to the Hilton Garden Inn. Located on the Doncaster Racecourse with views of the course, hosting your celebrations here is sure to make it a success. This venue is also located quite close to the city center and also offers accommodation for you and your guests.

Mercure Hotel Doncaster

Located in the middle of the Doncaster, Mercure Doncaster is the perfect place to start your happily ever after. It has been hosting weddings for over 100 years so you can be sure that your wedding is in good hands. The venue is also very scenic and has a team dedicated to giving you a fantastic experience. It can host weddings of up to 180 guests.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers couples a chance to have the wedding of their dreams with no stress. Exotic and amazing endangered animals will surround you at this award-winning venue; what could be better than that? You also get to choose between the Outlook Suite that can host up to 100 guests and the Tsavo Lodge with a capacity for 180 people. You can be sure that your big day here will be filled with incredible memories.

Thornhurst Manor

Some of the things that stand out about Thornhurst Manor as a wedding venue are its elegance and beauty. You’ll love your wedding at this countryside location. It offers the perfect backdrop for your day. You’ll love the private gardens, enchanting woodland, and ponds.

Thornhurst Manor

Hooton Pagnell Hall

You will love the truly unique setting that Hooton Pagnell Hall offers. There are many lovely places where you can hold your ceremony, drinks reception and dining. Your wedding pictures from this venue are sure to be breathtaking too. At Hooton Pagnell Hall, couples have the chance to curate their own wedding experience, ensuring that they and their guests have a great time. A truly magical place for a wedding.

Christ Church

Another Doncaster's landmark. A beautiful church right in the middle of town, you can't miss it.

Christ Church, a beautiful place for a church wedding in Doncaster
Christ Church

Rogerthorpe Manor

Rogerthorpe Manor is a 400 year old hotel located 13 miles north from Doncaster. The manor house is surrounded by award winning gardens and stunning countryside. Rogerthorpe Manor is the ideal setting for your civil ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception.

Rogerthorpe manor wedding venue

Bear in mind that this is not a full list of available places to get married in Doncaster. This is not a wedding directory. I just wanted to use my blog to put a short list of local Doncaster wedding venues together to give brides and grooms an idea of what's available. You will also find example weddings from these venues on my blog.

FAQs about wedding venues in Doncaster

Choosing a wedding venue can be a challenging task as there are several choices to make, from menu options to size of the room. There are plenty of things to remember when looking for wedding reception venues in Doncaster.

Wedding venue prices in Doncaster

One of the first thing I would recommend is deciding on a budget. Which will give you a rough idea of what's available. There are lots of choices, just make sure you find the venue one that's right for you and that fits within your budget

Guest accommodation in Doncaster

It hugely depends on the type of the venue. Some of these Doncaster wedding venues provide accommodation for your guests. If you're planning a hotel wedding then chances are there will be plenty of guest accommodation there. In other case where you have to search for places for your wedding guests to stay, Doncaster boasts many hotels and B&Bs.

Types of wedding venues in and around Doncaster

There are so many types of wedding venues in Doncaster and in the local area; both indoor and outdoor spaces where you can have your Doncaster wedding. It boasts of beautiful churches, hotels, historic halls, mills, barns and farms,

Photographer for your wedding in Doncaster

I've been a wedding photographer in Doncaster for years I visited some of these places many times. If you'd like to speak to me about your wedding at one of these venues then please get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by!

A beach wedding setup using wooden pallets

Beach wedding - how to plan and what to wear?

Beach weddings are very popular among UK couples, with many choosing to travel abroad to white-sand beaches and sunshine for their big day. However, it’s important to realise that beach weddings are not limited to tropical destinations; beaches come in all shapes and sizes. From pebble beaches in the UK, to black-sand beaches in Iceland, the possibilities for beach weddings are truly endless!

If you have dreamt about saying ‘I do’ on a beach but have lots of questions, hopefully this blog will provide some of the answers.

Married couple after a beach wedding

How to plan a beach wedding?

If you have just begun the wedding planning process, your first thoughts will probably be the venue. Will you choose to marry in a grand stately home? Perhaps barn weddings are your kind of vibe? Or maybe you’ve always quite liked the idea of a beach wedding?

Are beach weddings expensive?

The great thing about beach weddings is that they can be as expensive or as cheap as you want them to be. Standing on a beach with the natural landscape behind you means that you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on ceremony décor; you already have the perfect backdrop!

Destination also plays a big role in answering this question! If you dream of having a destination beach wedding in the Maldives, then of course that will be expensive. However, there are some stunning beaches in less obvious wedding destinations in Europe that would cost a fraction of the price. Or even cheaper still, have you considered a wedding on the good old British coast? Devon and Cornwall are just two of the places in the UK with beaches that could rival those in Europe. What better way to keep your guests happy than with fish and chips on the beach?

In short, the cost of a beach wedding depends on the destination. Don’t forget to factor in the cost for your guests; a Maldivian wedding may be within your budget, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily affordable for your guests. Be open to alternative ideas and you could have a very unique beach wedding that doesn’t break the bank for yourselves (or your guests!)

Inexpensive beach wedding decor

How do you plan a beach wedding?

The best beach weddings begin with lots of research. You want to find out what the weather is like at different times of the year, if you can legally marry on the beach and how you go about securing suppliers and a celebrant.

If you discover that a legal ceremony on your beach of choice is not possible, don’t threat! Have you considered having a legal ceremony first and then a symbolic ceremony on the beach? Or perhaps you could visit the beach for photos with your guests after the ceremony?

If you are hoping to have a beach wedding abroad, you may wish to hire the help of a Wedding Planner. They can be costly, however, if there is a language barrier with your destination of choice or if you won’t be able to travel there freely before the big day to meet with suppliers, a Wedding Planner could save you a lot of stress and ensure the planning process runs smoothly. Your wedding photographer can often offer plenty of advice as they are usually familiar with the local venues and suppliers.

Our advice would be to factor in the cost of travelling to the destination at least once before the wedding (even if you have enlisted a Wedding Planner) as you may be required to meet face-to-face to sort out the legal side of the marriage. Plus, it would be a shame to miss out on cake-tasting and menu-tasting as these are arguably the highlights of planning a wedding!

Bride and groom - beach wedding

How to dress for a beach wedding?

Once you have settled on where to get married, you will start to wonder about what to wear. Again, this answer depends on the destination of your beach wedding but a general rule is to not wear stilettos! Many couples choose to have a barefoot ceremony as the beach is one of the few places this is possible and it creates a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

If you have chosen a hot destination for your wedding on the beach, you will want to avoid any materials that will make you too hot. For the groom, a light material for his suit is a must or maybe he will decide to lose the suit jacket altogether and opt for a cool shirt. For the bride, lightweight chiffon or silk is what you want to look for and with beach weddings, it’s all about ‘less is more’.

If you are getting married on a beach in the UK, chunky blankets that match your colour scheme and umbrellas for your guests will be the perfect finishing touch to a truly authentic Great British wedding!

Hopefully this blog has opened your eyes to the many possibilities that a beach wedding can bring. Beach weddings are not just limited to high-end, white-sand occasions in the Maldives! A beach wedding can be tailored to suit a range of budgets and tastes and can take place almost anywhere in the world! Whatever venue you decide on for your big day, we hope that all your wedding dreams come true!

Sheffield City Centre post wedding shoot with Jess and Tom

This photoshoot took place on a spring evening in Sheffield city centre, a few months after our Christmas wedding at Sheffield Town Hall. On the day of our actual wedding, a combination of terrible match-day traffic, busy Christmas markets and drizzly weather meant that some key photo ideas we had planned to do were sadly missed.

While planning our Sheffield Town Hall wedding we wanted to have some urban and alternative wedding photos taken on the way to the reception venue and we had a chance finally do it during this city centre photo walk.

But more importantly, this extra wedding shoot meant that Tom and I could do something a little bit more ‘alternative’ than we went for on our actual day, and Michal was able to capture some interesting shots using Sheffield murals and more urban backdrops.

Urban post wedding shoot in Sheffield City Centre

Although we wore similar outfits – of course my wedding dress was going to feature, I would wear it every day if I could and so I was thrilled to be able to put it back on for more photos! – a few tweaks to toughen up our looks echoed the more grungy, alternative feel of the photoshoot compared with the festive glitz of our wedding day. I went heavier on the makeup, finished with a burgundy lip instead of the classic red. We wore our Dr Marten boots, which was something we did consider for the wedding day but ended up with more elegant footwear in the end. Tom wore his leather jacket to match mine, and I switched my dainty emerald jewellery for bigger, statement gem earrings.

Putting our wedding outfits back on did feel a little strange, but it was so fun, and we are so glad we did! A few passers-by congratulated us, which was funny, but we just went with it! Because we’d already had so many photos done with Michal on the day, we felt even more at ease in front of the camera by this point and I think this meant we were able to take some shots which were more serious which comes less naturally to us. Saying that though, there are still plenty of us laughing at ourselves, it’s hard to take it seriously all the time! This makes me think it would be really helpful to have an engagement shoot if it’s something you can stretch your budget for, because it would mean you are more relaxed in front of the camera when it comes to your wedding day.

We had a few murals in mind to go to, and Michal mapped out a little route for us to walk round, but we also wandered down Milton Street to our old haunt Corporation, somewhere we have spent many a night having maybe a few too many coloured pints! It must have been meant to be because the owner was just leaving as we were taking photos outside, and he kindly invited us into the courtyard so we could take a few photos there. Those images in front of the Sonic mural are some of my favourites, the bright colours of the mural really contrast with the moody, darker tones of our outfits and the rest of the picture.

Smoke bomb wedding photos in Sheffield City Centre

Using the smoke bombs for our final photos was probably the most fun part, and I think all three of us were pleased to be able to get some photos with them as we didn’t end up taking any on our day back in December (we were enjoying our evening party too much to go back outside!). The colours look amazing, and because you only get one go at pulling the pin, you’ve just got to go for it which is so exciting!

It was great for us to have been able to explore a more alternative, rock ‘n’ roll style wedding vibe with this photoshoot, pay homage to our favourite city, and end up with some photos in which we look much cooler than we really are.


Wedding photos with Sheffield murals
Sheffield murals in wedding photos
Bride and groom dancing during a post wedding shoot in Sheffield

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed photographing Jess and Tom. If you are looking for a Sheffield wedding photographer for your fun post wedding shoot then please message me. Thank you!

Dress: Tilly by Brighton Belle, bought at Blushes bridal in Sheffield.

Shoes: Dr Martens

Makeup: Done by myself!

Necklaces: Debenhams

Groom’s attire: Reece Ford suit hire, Dronfield

Waistcoat: Noose & Monkey

Flowers: Faux from The Bride’s Bouquet

Owston Hall wedding

Owston Hall wedding - Jen and Matt

Today’s post takes me back to another fabulous Owston Hall wedding. Not that I’m complaining, because it is always a pleasure to be there and it’s such a great venue to hold a wedding. Also being a Doncaster wedding photographer I’m only few minutes away rom this fabulous venue. This time it was a November wedding full of autumnal colours and warmth. Maybe the fact that it was this part of the year somehow made the day feel more relaxed and chilled out, although I have a feeling that is more to do with Jen & Matt’s planning!

Owston Hall Wedding – Jen and Matt

Jen and Matt met in York on a night out, and had a first date at Nandos which was the first time Matt had been. Matt proposed in Cuba in 2017. ‘I’d even taken receipt of my ring from the postman and he told me it was cufflinks for his dad!’ – said Jen.

‘I was SO lucky’ – says Jen.  ‘My sister’s Mother in Law, Mary owned a bridal shop in York, and she was retiring. So she asked me if I wanted a dress. Weirdly before we got engaged. So I had to call Matt and say, this is weird and I know we aren’t getting married but Mary’s offered me a free wedding dress. What do you think? Matt told me to go for it (apparently we could ebay it or use it as halloween dress up) – but unbeknown to me, he’d ordered my engagement ring. So I went off with my mum and sister to Mary’s shop trying on dresses when I wasn’t even engaged. The dress was a Benjamin Roberts. I loved the simplicity of it.’

‘The most important thing that it was important for us to have our friends and family present and have a relaxing, fun day. We were fortunate that we have handy friends and family who made all of the table decorations. In terms of the colours – I ok’d a pink with the bridesmaids and they were happy so the men just had to go along with it!’ .
says Jen

Jen spent the night before the wedding at home with two of her bridesmaids and Matt was at Owston Hall with the best men. Jen went to her friends salon (Steph at Blush) as they have a bridal part where they all had drinks and nibbles and their hair done. Matt had a couple of beers at the bar! All very relaxed. Jens uncle drove her to church – he did the same for Jenn’s sister Kate so it’s now a family tradition. Jen looked stunning in her Benjamin Roberts wedding gown!

Owston Church Wedding – same place different time

The ceremony took place at Owston Church, which happens to be the same church that Jen’s grandparents got married in too – a very special ceremony in front of close friends and family. Here is a same place different time wedding photo of Jen with her dad under the lamp at the gate outside All Saints. Jen’s nan had her wedding photography taken 55 years earlier.

Same place different time wedding photo - Jen and her grandparents at Owston Hall in Doncaster
A special Owston Church wedding – Jen married Matt at the same church her grandparents married years ago.

‘My dear Nan married my Grandad here and so it was so important to me (Jen) that I got married here. Nan was sick on the day, but knew we got married at ‘her’ church. Owston Hall is pretty – we chose to have the reception here purely as it was next door to the church. We had guests coming from far and wide and so we wanted everything to be easy and in one place.’ – says the bride.

They didn’t decorate the church. Firstly because it was beautiful and secondly because it was Remembrance Sunday the next day and the church had been decorated with poppies. They felt it would be wrong to try and cover up the poppies given what they stand for.

Jen and Matt wanted a religious and a contemporary reading. Mel and Jo picked these out as their input into the ceremony. They’ve know Jen for 26 years so they knew what she’d like. Hymns they picked because they thought them popular and remembered them from school.

After the ‘I dos’ they left the church to ‘All you need is love’ by the Beatles which really is so true!

Owston Hall Wedding

A beautiful sunny November day welcomed Jen & Matt’s guests to South Yorkshire – a fine day for a wedding! After the ceremony the newlyweds led their guests to Owston Hall, one of the finest wedding venues in Doncaster, for drinks and canapes.  It was a lovely day and the sunshine made it feel very summery. We completed all of the family and group photographs outside Owston Hall as planned on the wedding day timeline of time allowing the guests to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

The guests were called to the dining room all set out in its splendour. Jen went for DIY decorations for the reception and stuck with the pink theme. She had candle jars made by Mel and sweet trees with Lindt balls on each table made by her dad’s partner Gill and daughter Amy which replaced favours and table decorations. Place names were wooden laser cut outs organised by Kate, Jen’s sister. Balloons around the room, were organised and blown up by the groomsmen.

Matt’s mum Pauline made our wedding cake. We asked for something simple and she delivered, it was beautiful! They danced to Tom O’Dell’s ‘Grow old with me’. ‘Just the words are exactly us’ said Jen.

Jen says their favourite moment of the day was coming down the aisle and seeing each other at the end and everyone that came.

As a piece of advice for all brides and grooms to be, Jen says to take a few minutes to yourselves and stand back, watch everyone and absorb it all in as the day flies by.

Here are a few photos from that day…

All Saints in Owston

Bride and groom at Owston Hall golf course Wedding venue
Groom with Groomsmen
Bride and groom on stairs kissing outside Owston Hall
Bride with veil outside Owston Hall Wedding venue in Doncaster
Bride outside Owston Hall
Owston Hall wedding photos inside
Owston hall wedding photos internal
Wedding sitting plan
Wedding table decorations at Owston Hall
Wedding cake
Bride and groom at Owston Hall Wedding venue
Bride with blowing veil at Owston Hall
Autumn woodland wedding photos at Owston Hall
Autumn colours Owston Hall Wedding
Owston Hall Golf Course Wedding photos
Bride andgroom dancing at a goulf course at Owston Hall in Doncaster
Autumn wedding at Owston Hall in Doncaster
Wedding Photography at Owston Hall in Doncaster
Bride and groom wallking
Owston Hall wedding venue in Doncaster

List of suppliers:

Venue: Owston Hall,

Wedding dress and accessories: Benjamin Roberts, alterations were done by Nicole at Elise designs in York. I had my sisters veil, and mum got my earrings – a vintage like look. I had two bracelets – one matched the earrings and the other was what Matt had given me the day before.

Bride’s shoes: for the ceremony some Vivienne Westwood x Melissa silver globe heels – for later on (my feet hurt) some jewel encrusted pointed flat shoes.

Makeup: Elouise at Blush, Carcroft

Hair: Steph Hirst at Blush, Carcroft

Bridesmaid dress: Adult bridesmaids – ASOS , flower girl marks and spencer.

Bridesmaid shoes: Debenhams

Groom’s attire: ASOS and Next

Favours: Sweet treat with Lindt balls and white ferrero rocher

Flowers: Maxines florist (harworth)

Cake: Matts Mum, Pauline

Food/catering: Owston Hall

Ceremony music: I know he’s called Rich and does the DJ at the Regent Hotel Doncaster – he’s my sisters friends partner

Table decorations: Hand made by Melissa, Amy and Gill.
Wedding car/transport: My uncle took me to church, as he did with Kate my sister. We didn’t need anymore transport as we then walked next door to the reception

Rings: Ernest Jones

Photobooth: Giggle box