Seaside wedding photography - A beautiful Baltic sea wedding shoot

Having spent most of last summer shooting destination weddings, I’ve a backpack full of wedding photos to put on the blog and it’s about time I start updating the blog. First one on the agenda is this seaside wedding shoot in northern Poland. Aleksandra and Patryk married earlier this summer in their home town in eastern Poland but as they both live and work in Gdansk, they had this idea of this beach wedding shoot at Baltic seaside, kind of trash the dress type photo shoot.

Baltic seaside wedding photography

We went to one of the local beaches in Gdynia, part of the Tricity. Orlowo Klif is actually a popular spot when it comes to wedding photos but that evening it was just us and one another couple having their photos taken so it wasn’t too bad and I only had to photoshop another wedding photographer out from one photo! Being a summer lover myself I didn’t mind getting wet to get some shots, shame noone took a photo of me standing in the water trying to get the shot of the couple 🙂

Sporting a burgundy suit, Patryk and beautiful Alexandra wearing a stunning wedding dress, looked like models and were a pleasure to photograph. In fact we spent so much time on the beach and in the nearby woodland that before we realised it had gone completely dark and we found ourselves walking back to the carpark through the forest in pitch black darkness only using our mobile phone torches! Can you imagine spotting a newlyweds with torches in the middle of a forest at night?!

This shoot has been featured  on wedding blog.

Bride arriving at Cusworth Hall wedding venue in a vintage VW Beetle

My favourite 10 photos from Cusworth Hall weddings

Cusworth Hall is a very special place to me. Having lived within a few minutes from this beautiful landmark, I visited the place many times. I come here nearly every week with my family and I've been here many times as a wedding photographer based in Doncaster . Here are my top wedding images from Cusworth Hall weddings. If you recently got engaged and planning your wedding at Cusworth Hall then hopefully this set of wedding photos from this beautiful wedding venue will give you some photo ideas for you own big day.

My favourite photos from Cusworth Hall Weddings

Located less than 3 miles north from Doncaster town centre and only 5 minutes away from where I live this Grade 1 listed building is one of my favourite Doncaster wedding venues and I have lots of beautiful memories as well as images from Cusworth Hall weddings to share with you. Here are my top picks from the weddings I photographed. They are in no particular order.

Portrait of bride and groom in the pond area

Bride & groom portrait from Cusworth Hall wedding venue

This beautiful wedding portrait was taken in the pond area of the park. We had planned this photo with the couple prior to the wedding day so I didn't have to do any convincing on the day that it was worth walking down the hill in heels however trainers of wellies on a wet day are ways better to combat that hill!

Utilise shade

Doncaster wedding photographers

I love utilising shady places. If you're tired of that harsh midday sun then a little bit of shade will give you that soft gentle look without casting unwanted shadows under your eyes and chins. This portrait was taken around midday just outside the gate to the side yard where 1086 Brewery recently opened. If you'd like to see more photos from that day then please visit Hannah and Tom's Cusworth Hall wedding.

Window lit portrait of bride and groom

Newly married couple at Cusworth Hall

The Grand Salon is one of the most impressive rooms at Cusworth Hall. Packed with original Edwardian features with large south facing windows this room makes an ideal backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Bride arriving at Cusworth Hall

Bride arriving at Cusworth Hall in a vintage VW Beetle

This photo was taken moments after the bride went past the gatehouse making her way to meet the groom down the aisle. I love that vintage VW Beetle too!

Window lit portrait of bride and groom

Wedding photography at Cusworth Hall

Another wedding portrait in The Grand Salon at Cusworth Hall utilising beautiful window light. Full of beautiful rooms Cusworth Hall is ideal for your wedding day.

Lots of large windows provide beautiful natural light you can do magic with. You don't need anything else.

Cusworth Hall staircase

Bride and groom posing at the staircase outside Cusworth Hall wedding venue

The grand stairs leading to the front entrance to the hall always provide a great backdrop and are a perfect setting for your wedding photos. You can utilise the staircase to have some beautiful portraits of just the two of you taken. It can also be used for larger group photos.

Portrait of a groom in the library

Portrait of a groom

We couldn't help placing the groom right next to one of the windows in the library for this beautiful getting ready photo. Simple window light is one of the best ways to illuminate your couples on a wedding day. I must have said it before I know.

Heart shaped wedding detail

Cusworth Hall wedding photos

Why not incorporate some wedding details into your wedding venue pictures? With a bit of creativity and a minute of spare time we created this heart shaped image of Cusworth Hall that remains one of my favourite wedding pictures from this venue.

Bride and groom portrait in the chapel

Sanita & Nerijus at Cusworth Hall Chapel

When taking your wedding photos at Cusworth Hall you can't forget about the chapel.

About me

Michal Ufniak wedding photographer

I live only 5 mins away from the beautiful Cusworth Hall therefore can offer good rates to all couples getting married at this beautiful place. If you are planning your wedding at Cusworth Hall then I would love to hear from you!

Peak District engagement shoot - Isobel and Tom

For Isobel and Tom’s engagement shoot we met in the Peak District just outside Sheffield in South Yorkshire. We underestimated the early spring weather and had to cope with strong winds and rain in between the shots but in the end the results are fantastic. I like Isobel’s hair blowing in the wind too.

Peak District Engagement Shoot

It could be quite difficult anywhere in the Peaks to find a spot free from hikers where you could use for a backdrop whether it’s an engagement or a wedding photography shoot but we were lucky that evening. Maybe the weather discouraged everyone else from exploring the peaks.

As usually we picked a late evening just before the sunset and this contributed to the overall mood of the photos.

I had a great time meeting these two ahead of their wedding later on this year and can’t wait to see Tom waiting for Isobel down the aisle on their big day!

A quick update to this blog post:

Isobel and Tom have now tied the knot and are happily doing life together as Isobel said herself. Follow this link and see their beautiful Wentworth Church and Whirlowbrook Hall wedding.

Peak district engagement shoot with Isobel and Tom


Isobel & Tom

Moody and windy late evening Peak District engagement shoot.

Engaged cuple in the Peak District outside Sheffield

Engagement photo shoot in the Peak District near Sheffield

Thank you for visiting this page and I hope you liked this Peak District engagement shoot. Being a wedding photographer in Sheffield comes with lots of privileges. One of them is the beautiful landscapes of the peaks! If you’d like to view some more similar stories then please visit my blog where you can find real wedding and engagement photography from Sheffield, Yorkshire and everywhere else in the UK. Feel free to use the comments section below to let me know what you think. I’d love you feedback.

Did you like this story? Let me know in the comments below! If you are planning your own wedding and you’d like me to capture your love story then please get in touch!

Bride and groom holding smoke bombs

7 top tips for a stress free wedding day

Although I’m not a wedding planner and there is a tonne of planning blogs out there, I have photographed a few weddings in the last few years and thought I could put a few wedding day tips together in a form of an article. Kind of a few wedding tips no one tells you.

Wedding day tips for brides and grooms to be – a recipe for a stress free wedding

In this article I’m not going to talk about wedding planning. Hopefully when you read this, you have got your wedding day timeline sorted, are ready to get hitched and looking for some last minute advice on how to have a relaxed wedding day. I'm going to share some important wedding day tips so you can enjoy your stress free wedding day.  I hope you will find it useful to see it from a photographer’s point of view.

Also by following the below you will hopefully help your photographer and it should result in better and more natural wedding photos.

1. Get a good sleep

How about starting our wedding checklist with a big one! You cannot overestimate this. Go to bed early the night before, switch off and get a good sleep. You will feel better the following day, brighter, happier, more relaxed, the list goes on. Hopefully I don’t need to sell you this idea. In fact, if you can, be good the whole week before the day and go to bed early everyday the week of your wedding.

2. Start with a good breakfast

What you should eat on your wedding day? Again, I’m not a dietitian and you can search the internet for some advice on this. I have however seen brides and grooms not eating for long periods on their wedding day. Make sure you start your day with a light breakfast. Cereals, porridge or peanut butter rice cakes would probably be a good choice. Full English? Erm, maybe not that day.

When your makeup artist comes along with the photographer, before you realise you’ll be sat in your wedding car outside ready to set off for the ceremony and from then it will be a while till the meal. Try to eat light and often.

3. Wedding ceremony

Registrars are normally pretty relaxed and allow photographers quite a lot of freedom during civil ceremonies. There are no restrictions usually but you have to remember we can’t photograph the actual register. Usually after signing the register, you’d be given a dummy one so I can take a photo of you pretending you sign it.

However we don’t often get that freedom at churches and places of worship in general. Whether it’s because of bad experience from another photographer or something else, some vicars are very strict about where we wedding photographers, can go during religious ceremonies. I have had cases where I was only allowed to stay at the very back having to use a telephoto lens, shooting most of the ceremony from behind couple’s backs.

It is worth clearing this with your vicar in advance and giving them reassurance that you are using a professional photographer that is very quiet and discreet and does not use flash in churches.

Wedding tips for a perfect ceremony
A relaxed wedding ceremony. Image from this wedding at Bradfield Village Hall.

4. Group shots

Family and friends group shots are an important part of the day. You may not see a tonne of group shots on my or other photographers websites but I’d like to think most of us photographers take these. I do anyway! Unless you don’t want me to then of course it’s fine.

I will take any photograph you want me to on the day however it’s important to realise that these group shots take time, especially those large group shots. The larger the group the more chance there is of someone wandering off just as we need them. Each group photo can take a few minutes with large group photos taking even 10-15 minutes so I recommend no more than 15-20 group shots on the day and a list of those would help you remember which ones you wanted to take on the day.

The bottom line is that the more time we spend taking these group shots, the less time you will have to enjoy your party and the less time I will have to take creative and fun candid shots of you and your guests. Remember the guests also get tired of waiting while the group photos are being taken.

I would usually ask your best man, bridesmaid or a member of your family to help me gather people for these group shots and this can speed things up.

Wedding tips for great group photos
A well organised group shot from Natalie and Sergio's wedding at the Alnwick Garden.

5. Rain on your wedding day

This is one of the things I can’t control, and I don’t think you can either, unless you went to Hogwarts!

You know British weather can be unpredictable and on a few occasions I did find myself and my gear soaking wet on a wedding day. This is not a problem though. Not for me anyway and unless you mind getting wet, we can create some amazing wedding photos in the rain.

This is when umbrellas come handy as well and remember to have spare wellies or a pair of trekking shoes as well just in case so you don’t have to be walking in your heals soaking into wet and muddy field.

For us creative wedding photographers, the rain or snow can provide some amazing opportunities usually not available on sunny days. I don’t shy away from wet weather and if you don’t then let’s create some magic!

Don’t panic if it rains on your wedding day.

Wet rainy weather wedding day tips and tricks

6. Lighting

Chances are that you booked your venue because of the breathtaking view of the sea or the gorgeous garden. To make the most of these views and to utilise the best light possible, it’s important to allow your couple’s session within an hour before sunset. The so called golden hour is the best time of the day for these sort of photos.

Time around midday should be avoided when planning your photo shoot. Due to many ceremonies taking place around this time we often conduct group shoots shortly after. This is when we will be looking for shady areas around the venue or try to shoot into the sun if it’s outdoors. As far as your couples photos are concerned, leave these for later.

Another reason you chose your wedding venue was probably its spectacular decor or original features. When planning an indoor shoot we’ll be looking for natural window light. This is often the most flattering light you can find indoors and doesn’t require the use of additional artificial lighting.

Make the most of lighting with these wedding tips
Chasing sunset light with Laura and John after their wedding at Prestonfield House.

7. Be prepared

Be prepared for the unexpected and don’t worry about little incidents throughout the day. Everything is possible during a wedding day. Don’t panic and enjoy every moment of this special day. Not every wedding goes according to plan. In fact most of them don’t!

I’ve seen all sorts things going wrong on a wedding day and it’s vital how you react to these. Stay positive and enjoy the day as it happens. After all, you will remember that moment better. I’ve seen flowers arriving late, wrong size trousers being delivered for groomsmen. I got a parking ticket while on a sneak away photo shoot with a couple on their wedding day and witnessed a fire alarm going off during the ceremony. Everything can be turned into a positive and a positive attitude is all you need. That lucky bride who heard the fire alarm going off just as she walked down the aisle ended up walking down the same aisle twice!

Wedding tips and tricks - relaxed bride
Hannah just before her wedding at Cusworth Hall.

Wedding tips UK

I hope you found these few wedding tips useful and it will help you plan your stress free wedding day. If you have any questions (wedding related of course!) or if you’d like to enquire about my availability then please get in touch using the ‘contact me’ link in the main menu.

Peak District wedding

Sheffield Cathedral and Bradfield Village Hall wedding - Stephanie & Alasdair

Stephanie and Alasdair’s Sheffield wedding took place in May 2018 at the Cathedral Church of St Marie in the heart of Sheffield. Their Bradfield Village Hall wedding reception was just a perfect family afternoon with a cricket game in the background.

Sheffield Cathedral and Bradfield Village Hall wedding

The Cathedral Church is a stunning building, built in the mid 1800s and fully renovated in 2012, with high arched ceilings and a wealth of Gothic features. There are many gilt accents which reflected the sunshine that streamed in through the stained glass windows on that lovely, late May day.

Cathedral Church Of St Marie in Sheffield
Cathedral Church Of St Marie in Sheffield
Cathedral Church Of St Marie in Sheffield
Cathedral Church Of St Marie in Sheffield
Cathedral Church Of St Marie in Sheffield
Wedding guests
Wedding guests

Stephanie and Alasdair’s Sheffield wedding in pictures

Stephanie wore the most beautiful vintage wedding gown I’ve ever seen. She got it from a charity shop!

She looked like something out of a Jane Austen novel, with a slender silhouette and lace to her wrists and neck.

Her five little bridesmaids in their china blue and white dresses, and pretty gypsophila crowns, added to the vintage charm.

There were also four dapper young pages, in pale blue jackets and dark trousers. Having so many young assistants just highlighted the family feel of the ceremony.

Wedding guests
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding guests
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Wedding ceremony at St Marie Cathedral Sheffield
Stephanie and Alasdair's Sheffield wedding
Wedding ceremony at a church in Sheffield
Wedding ceremony in Sheffield
Bride and groom walking in Sheffield
Newlyweds in Sheffield
Newlyweds walking in Sheffield

Bradfield Village Hall wedding reception

After the wedding ceremony, everyone piled aboard the coach that Stephanie and Alasdair had organised and headed to Bradfield Village Hall in Low Bradfield.

Set just outside Sheffield and within the Peak District, it was the perfect place for their reception. One of my favourite wedding venues in Sheffield. The happy couple had organised everything themselves, and wanted it to be a relaxed and low-key family day for everyone attending.

They arrayed the hall with lots of cheerful, hand made decorations which complimented the colourful triple tier cake. Vases of vibrant yellow, orange and red tulips, primary coloured bunting, balloon garlands and pinwheels brought a sense of fun and whimsy to the day. Papier-mâché hot air balloons held felt tip pens to keep the younger guests happily occupied.

Outside the hall was a bouncy castle for the smaller children, and a giant Jenga game for the grown-up ones. Several guests spent a while, drinks in hand, watching the cricket match that was in progress in the next field, belonging to the Bradfield Village Fellowship Cricket Club.

The weather really couldn’t have been more perfect, sunny and warm, ideal for making the most of the gorgeous views outside the hall across the Loxley Valley.

Bradfield in South Yorkshire
Low Bradfield Village Hall
Low Bradfield Village Hall
Wedding confetti
Wedding confetti at Bradfield Village Hall
Bride and groom at a wedding at Bradfield Village Hall in South Yorkshire
Groom in sunglasses at Bradfield Village Hall wedding
Guests watching a cricket match at w Bradfield Village Hall wedding
Window wedding decor at Bradfield Village Hall
Wedding cake details
DIY wedding decor at Bradfield Village Hall wedding
Wedding table plan at Bradfield Village Hall
DIY wedding seating plan at Bradfield Village Hall
Bunting at Bradfield Village Hall wedding
Grooms speech at Bradfield village Hall wedding venue
Grooms speech during a wedding at Bradfield village hall
Speeches at Bradfield Village Hall wedding venue
Wedding cake
Bride and groom cutting wedding cake at Bradfield Village Hall
Wedding sing along at Bradfield Village Hall
First dance at Bradfield Village hall wedding venue
Wedding party at Bradfield Village hall

Stephanie and Alasdair had drawn up their seating plan, giving each of the tables names of noted economists – a very original system! After the cutting of the cake, everyone joined in with providing the entertainment. Stephanie and Alasdair arranged what can only be called a good, old-fashioned sing-along, complete with song sheets.

Guests got to join in as such rousing classics as Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You” were sung along to with gusto. In pairs, trios, quartets and en masse, everyone had a go and a huge amount of fun was had by all. The love and care with which the day was organised was evident in every aspect, and it definitely paid off.

After the first dance, as the light began to mellow, I took a walk with the bride and groom to a nearby bridge and we caught some beautiful photographs. The water and the trees made for a wonderful backdrop, with the arched stone bridge and its old worn stones adding to the atmosphere.

Stephanie’s reflection in the stream highlighted the elegant simplicity of her dress and there was a brilliant splash of colour from her bouquet. On the walk back across the cricket pitch, Stephanie and Alasdair set off cobalt blue smoke bombs which made for truly stunning photographs.

Newlyweds outside Bradfield Village Hall wedding venue
Bradfield Village Hall Wedding
Black and white photo of Bradfield Village Hall Wedding venue
Bradfield Village Hall Wedding
Married couple at Bradfield Village Hall Wedding
Married couple walking with Bradfield Village Hall Wedding venue in the background
Peak District wedding photos
Peak District wedding image of bride and groom
Bride and groom crossing a river
Peak District wedding
Wedding flowers
Peak District wedding
Bride and groom in Peak District
Peak District wedding
Peak District wedding photographer
Peak District wedding photography
Newlyweds walking in the Peak District on their wedding day
Peak District wedding
Peak District wedding
Wedding smoke bombs
Bride and groom holding smoke bombs
Bride and groom with blue smoke bombs
Bride and groom in Peak District
Bride and groom
High Bradfield
Bradfield Village hall wedding venue at hight

There was something about the colours of the day – the rich green grass, old grey stone and brilliant blue sky – which all combined to add a magical touch to their pictures. Thank you very much for taking your time to view Stephanie and Alasdair’s wedding. I’m a wedding photographer in Sheffield and if you’d like me to be your camera man on your wedding day then let’s chat.  In the meantime feel free to visit my blog to view more real weddings and let me know in comments what you think!

The Normans wedding

The Normans wedding photographer - Laura & Adam

There is absolutely no chance that Laura and Adam will be ever forgetting their wedding day! In fact there’s no way that I will be forgetting it any time either, because it really was one of those truly magical days where everything is just perfect. If we start at the venue, we can immediately see what made this day so special. The Normans wedding venue is the stylish wedding barn based outside York, a stunning place to tie the knot, particularly when the weather is playing along too.

Laura and Adam perfectly balanced the natural and rustic styling of the venue, with their own elegant choices of design and décor. The gorgeous pastel colours used throughout the wedding matched the rustic use of exposed wood and brick, creating a truly blissful atmosphere.

Bride and groom with a tractor outside The Normans Wedding Venue
Bride and groom outside The Normans Wedding Venue

The Normans Wedding

This is not just another beautiful barn wedding. Laura and Adam chose to hold their wedding at The Normans in front of close friends and family. They couldn’t have wished for a better day. This is Laura and Adam’s The Normans weddings.

The couple wanted their wedding day to go their own way, just as they planned.  Laura worked hard on making sure every detail was just right and Adam used his creative talents to design and produce all of the wedding stationery himself including the order of the day sign and cards. Yes he designed it all himself and you can see below what a fantastic job he did! The priority for Laura and Adam was just to make sure everyone had a good time and that goal was certainly achieved. It was a truly beautiful Yorkshire barn wedding. Anyway, here is how it went.

‘We met back in 2006 and had quite a short relationship when Laura had finished school and Adam was at college. We both went our separate ways and continued to study. Then out of the blue on in 2011, we were both matched to each other. A few messages and a meet up later and we were an item again. I proposed on the 29th February 2016 with a ring donut and small scratch card revealing the question in front of Adam’s shocked family.’ – Says Laura.

Barn Wedding York – The Normans

‘The overwhelming feeling from our wedding day is that it was everything we wanted it to be. The Normans is a beautiful location which we used as a blank canvas to apply our style. The thing that appealed to us was having that control of which suppliers we could use. From the catering to the band and videographer, and of course Michal, we organised everything ourselves.’ – Says Laura.

In the morning prior to this Laura was very calm and enjoying the preparations with her bridesmaids. Her dress was a stunning creation from Bride2B customised by Bridal Alteration Angel with a bespoke veil by Kelly. After an emotional send off Laura got into her vintage wedding car that took her straight where Adam was already waiting.

Clear blue skies blessed the day as the guests started gathering in the barn’s courtyard in Bilbrough outside York, North Yorkshire. I couldn’t help notice the buzz on arrival at the farm to photograph the ceremony and there was no mistaking that a wedding was taking place there.

The ceremony

Soon everyone took their seats and awaited the arrival of the bride. Laura arrived in a stunning Virago DeVille aka Cruella ready to walk down the aisle. Laura was being given away by her dad. The ceremony was one of its kind. Dark barn interiors lit up by a wall of fairy lights with plenty of candles provided a spectacular setting for their wedding ceremony. No words can describe, scroll down and see for yourself.

After the ceremony we headed back to the courtyard where everyone enjoyed the perfect Yorkshire afternoon. A stunning setting in this Yorkshire wedding barn, perfect for a wedding.

Laura and Adam’s wedding at The Normans in pictures

Wedding shoes
Wedding flowers
Bride with bridesmaids getting ready
Bride with bridesmaids getting ready
Wedding makeup and hair
Bride getting ready

About The Normans wedding venue

The Normans wedding venue is a stunning barn located less than 20 min drive from York in North Yorkshire. The venue is set on an 18th-century farm with a pretty courtyard and lots of open views around giving plenty of beautiful backdrops for your photos. They even got the cow stalls renovated to make more space for your guests to hang out.

The main building has a unique feel and the characteristic fairy lights make it one of the most recognizable and popular wedding venues in York and North Yorkshire.

Address: Normans Farm, Bilbrough, York, YO23 3PQ

The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
Fair lights wall at The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
Fairy lights at The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding venue York
The Normans wedding
The Normans wedding
The Normans wedding ceremony
The Normans wedding
The Normans wedding photography
Wedding ceremony at The Normans in Yorkshire
The Normans wedding ceremony
Wedding photography at The Normans
The Normans wedding photographer
Wedding sitting plan
Wedding sitting plan at the normans
Wedding stationery
Wedding stationery
Wedding stationery
Wedding stationery
Wedding cake
Wedding cake at the normans
Wedding cake topper
Wedding cake
The Normans barn
The Normans wedding barn
Wedding speeches at the normans
Speeches at The Normans
Bride and groom with a tractor outside The Normans Wedding Venue
Bride and groom outside The Normans Wedding Venue
Bride with tractor
Bride and groom in hayfield
Wedding photography in hay field
Hayfield wedding photos
Bride and groom in a field
Bride and groom in a field
First dance at The Normans in York
The Normans wedding

Everything came together that day, to create something immeasurably bigger and even more beautiful than it’s parts.

Thank you for getting this far. If you are getting married and are looking for a York wedding photographer then please hit that contact me button and let me know your plans. I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime here are some other humans that were involved in this beautiful wedding:

The Normans Wedding Suppliers:

Venue: The Normans Bilbrough  The Normans

Bride’s accessories: Jon Richard & H Samuel

Wedding dress: WED2B

Bridal gown customisation:  Bridal Alteration Angel, bespoke veil by Kelly

Bride’s shoes: Deichmann, customised by Laura

Makeup: Emily Durham MUA

Hair: The Hair Branch

Bridesmaids dresses: Chi Chi London

Bridesmaids shoes: Debenhams

Groom’s attire: Joe Brown’s

Groom’s shoes: Justin Reece

Rings: H Samuel

Groomsmen attire: Moss hire

Wedding cake and cupcakes: The Bun Bunny

Videographer: Bara Weddings

Flowers: Fleur Chappelle

Food/Catering/Candy/Desert buffet: Homegrown Hospitality

Celebrant: Carol Williams & Heather Wilkinson

Ceremony music: Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love

Invitations/stationery: Adam Townend

Table decorations: Sashes n Covers

Wedding car/transport: Eternity Wedding Cars