Owston Hall wedding

Gail & Gary's wedding at Owston Hall in Doncaster

I’m super happy to be able to share Gail and Gary’s wedding at Owston Hall in Doncaster on my blog today. This adventurous couple had travelled the globe together before ting the knot in Owston. The couple had a super relaxed  ceremony at Owston Church which is just over the fence from where Gail was getting ready and she got to the church on a golf buggy!

The wedding reception was held at the nearby Owston Hall where we all walked. It was a perfect summer day though and a short walk seemed like a good idea. It was just over the fence as well so nobody even thought of driving.

Wedding photography at Owston Hall

I really  enjoyed my time at Owston Hall and everyone seemed to have a great time. We even had a surprise performance from a couple of singing waiters. It's such a lovely place for a wedding, one of my favourite wedding venues in Doncaster and being a Doncaster wedding photographer, this place is just a few minutes away from where I live.

Portrait of bride and groom at Owston Hall
Golf course wedding photos
Owston Hall wedding
Wedding photography at Owston Hall
Owston Hall wedding photographer

Thanks for spending the time to view this gallery. I hope you liked the images. If you are looking for some more photos from that venue then please visit this Owston Hall Wedding.

Venue: Owston Hall

Photography: me.

Wedding at the stables

Kelly & Nathan's wedding at The Stables in Doncaster

Kelly and Nathan married at The Stables in a small village of High Melton near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. It was a beautiful and intimate wedding of a couple of fans of Lego, The Lord of The Rings and The Star Wars saga featuring some beautiful handmade decorations and a half Lord of The Rings and half Star Wars wedding cake.

It was also one of the last weddings being held at this beautiful wedding venue before it closed its doors. As a wedding photographer in Doncaster I miss this place a lot but hopefully one day the new owner will decide to turn it back into a wedding  place again so it can go back on my list of the best wedding venues in Doncaster.

Pictures from Kelly and Nathan’s wedding at The Stables in Doncaster

In the meantime please enjoy this beautiful wedding gallery 🙂

Courtyard at The Stables
Wedding at the stables
The Stables wedding
The stables wedding venue

The Stables wedding Suppliers

Photography: me 🙂

Venue: The Stables

Asian wedding at Colwick Hall

Colwick Hall Wedding - Yasmin and Tausif's Wallima

I am sure you have seen a lot of fairy tale weddings in movies but have you ever heard about a real-life fairy tale wedding? Well, Yasmin and Tausif’s wedding at Colwick Hall is the perfect example of such a wedding. The day dawned crisp and clear. Underneath the clear blue sky, the couple got ready for the special day of their lives. Colwick Hall served to be the venue for Walima.

Asian wedding at Colwick Hall
Wedding photo of bride and groom at Colwick Hall

About Colwick Hall Wedding Venue

Just outside Nottingham is the spacious and impressive Colwick Hall. This magnificent Palladian style Georgian mansion is one of the leading venues which host Asian weddings. The couple’s photos were taken in the back garden of Colwick Hall. The hall gives traditional and comfortable vibes. Beautiful landscaped gardens and fountains are ideal for the most treasured photographs of the day. This luxurious hall proved to be the perfect gathering place for the two families.

Bride and groom

Moving on towards the highlight of the wedding. Yes, you guessed it right! Our radiant and breathtaking bride “Yasmin”. As beautiful as her name, Yasmin stole the show with her elegant personality and dazzling dress. Yasmin chose to wear a “maxi” for her Walima. This maxi was fully embroidered alongside a net dupatta. Safe to say that the pictures have done justice to capture the shine and sparkle of the dress. While wearing breakneck high heels, hands covered with the rich color of henna (mehndi), and holding a beautiful bridal clutch the bride got ready to meet the love of her life. The dupatta setting was done elegantly whilst keeping in mind the traditional accessories such as; tikka and jhumar.

“Tausif” being an energetic and strikingly handsome groom entered with epic grace. The couple walked down the staircase. The photographs on the staircase embodied royal vibes. Clear blue sky on the back garden of Colwick Hall served as perfect lighting for wedding pictures. A perfect blend of lighting, exposure, and tone range indeed.

Colwick Hall Wedding – Venue decor and food

The couple chose to have floral décor at their wedding. The delicate flowers created a vivid and strong appearance. The food was flavorsome and the cutlery was in perfect match with subtle curtains.

Traditional wedding activities

The women holding flowers on their plates welcomed the couple (a tradition in Asian weddings). Now coming to the most fun awaited part of the wedding – the groomsmen and bridesmaids, bhangra party, music, and feasting. Happiness and laughter filled up the walls of the Colwick Hall. Flowers being the symbol of love and romance were presented to the couple from guests. The couple cut the cake. The cake as shown in the pictures was inexplicable fairy and creamy. The groomsmen did the bhangra, speeches were made and songs were sung to make the day even more memorable.
This is how the beautiful day came to an end.

As the night approached, the couple took some more beautiful and intimate pictures to create a lifelong memory.
This wedding is the perfect embodiment of how to keep the Asian spark alive while being in the UK. These pictures cherish the memories over and over again even if the event has passed a long time ago. Here’s to signing off with the wedding details.
….and then they lived happily ever after.

Pictures from Yasmin and Tausif’s Wedding at Colwick Hall in Nottingham

Colwick Hall
Asian bride henna photo
Groom getting ready for a wedding at Colwick Hall
Asian wedding at Colwick Hall
Wedding photography at Colwick Hall
Yasmin and Tausif’s Walima at Colwick Hall in Nottingham
Colwick Hall wedding venue at night
Colwick Hall photographed at night

Wedding at The Principal Hotel York - Natalia and Robert

Today’s blog is a beautiful wedding I was lucky enough to shoot at the beautiful Principal Hotel in York. The hotel is located in central York, just a few minute walk from The National Railway Museum and it backs onto the main train station. A lovely location for a wedding, just outside the historic walls of this North Yorkshire city founded by the ancient Romans.

Heart warming is absolutely the right word for this wedding. In every frame, in every moment I captured you can see the genuine affection Robert has for Natalia, and how she couldn’t stop smiling whenever he’s near. It makes my jobs so much easier when the couple are so wrapped up in each other, they barely notice I’m there! Yes, I work hard to get the most out of every shot, but it’s just a joy to work on shots like these.

Natalia and Robert’s Principal Hotel wedding in York

Let’s not forget the beautiful backdrop the couple had chosen to stage their special day. The Principal Hotel York… what a place! I was thrilled when I heard the reception was going to be held there. It makes it fun to provide wedding photography in York when you have such an amazing couple and a beautiful venue like this to work with.

Check out these pictures from Natalia and Robert’s wedding at the Principal Hotel in the heart of York.

York register office wedding
Wedding ceremony at York register office
Wedding photography at the Principal Hotel York
Principal Hotel York wedding photographer
The Principal Hotel York wedding

Thanks for visiting this gallery. If you are searching for a photographer to turn your wedding into a beautiful set of photos then please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your wedding plans.

Wedding photography at at Christ Church in Doncaster

Lisa & Rob's wedding at Christ Church in Doncaster

Have you ever dreamed of having a fairy tale wedding? This Doncaster wedding was truly a dream come true, and I couldn’t wait to share these stunning pictures!

It was a magical day at Christ Church in the heart of Doncaster a small town in South Yorkshire on which we celebrated the wedding of Lisa and Rob. Having worked as a Doncaster wedding photographer for years, this was actually my first wedding at this iconic Doncaster wedding venue. This wedding is what comes to mind when I think of a true fairy tale wedding. There was a feeling in the air that just sparkled with excitement and love, a feeling that only got stronger as the day continued on.

Christ Church wedding in Doncaster

Earlier in the day there was rain, and the afternoon progressed with overcast skies. The weather did nothing to dampen the spirits of the wedding party and guests, however. Nothing could overpower the charming, rosy glow cast throughout the venues of the day. The ceremony at Christ Church was followed by a reception at the Doncaster Deaf Trust College which had been beautifully transformed into a wedding venue.

Rob’s side of the wedding party was filled with a large crew of family and friends looking handsome in deep blue suits. The dapper wedding party included Arthur and Charlie. The boys came down the aisle together while Charlie carried the “It’s too late to run, Dad” sign with a charming grin.

Lisa was, in true fairytale wedding fashion, reminiscent of Cinderella at the ball. She looked joyful and elegant in a ballgown wedding dress with intricate beading on the bodice and lavish layers of flowing chiffon cascading to the floor. Carrying a waterfall bouquet created using several varieties of lush pink roses, she approached her husband-to-be at the alter with sweet anticipation. Rob’s expression upon seeing her for the first time was pure happiness, while her father passed her hand over to Rob with a proud and quiet love.

The ceremony was genuine, sentimental and truly heartfelt; there was a flurry of handkerchiefs seen at several moments throughout. It felt like an explosion of love and excitement the moment they exchanged their first kiss as husband and wife!

Rob and Lisa exited the church as man and wife into a joyful cloud of colorful, heart-shaped confetti as the guests cheered and applauded, before being whisked off to the reception in a hired car. Before the reception, we took some lovely pictures with the bride and groom as well as the entire wedding party in both an orchard as well as a football pitch at the back of the wedding venue.
Lisa was accompanied by three of her closest lovely ladies wearing blush pink with sparkling accents, echoing the lush pink tones of the wedding colors. Capturing their beauty was incredibly easy, obviously.

Lisa & Rob’s Doncaster wedding in pictures

The reception was gorgeously decorated in various shades of pink and gold, including beautiful touches like the lovely seating chart, overflowing floral centerpieces and lighted letters spelling out “Love.” Highlights of the night included Charlie sharing a prepared speech during the toasts, and the lovely, emotion-filled father-daughter dance. After most of the tears had been wrung out from the guests, the dancing kicked off with the energetic sounds from the James Sunderland band.

It was a truly magical fairytale wedding and I’m so glad I was there to capture the memories of the day for this truly special couple.

Wedding photography at at Christ Church in Doncaster

Thank you for spending the time to view this gallery. I hope you liked Lisa and Rob’s wedding photos. If you’re looking for someone to capture your wedding then please get in touch.

Wentworth Woodhouse wedding photographer

Wentworth Woodhouse wedding - Kerry and Mirja

Getting married at the Wentworth Woodhouse is an truly amazing experience, being a wedding photographer there is incredible! I can’t think of many wedding venues in South Yorkshire that match the jaw dropping beauty and architecture of this place. Kerry and Mirja picked a special place for their wedding.

Wentworth Woodhouse wedding

Wentworth Woodhouse in South Yorkshire, considered to be the largest private residence in the UK and one of the largest houses in Europe, provided a spectacular setting for their big day. Wentworth Woodhouse has proven to be a great wedding venue not only for Sheffield based couples but for people from around the Yorkshire area. It’s a convenient locations for couples from Barnsley, Rotherham or Doncaster areas.

Kerry and Mirja chose the hall with its magnificent stairs for their wedding ceremony. The evenings celebrations were held in the ballroom upstairs. I was thrilled when the couple  contacted me enquiring if I was available for their wedding day.

Being a boeing pilot, Mirja, had to arrive for her wedding by air and cheered by waiting guests landed outside the Grade 1 listed country house. Kerry, who loves horses, arrived in a luxurious 4 Friesian horse drawn carriage to join Mirja at the bottom of the aisle.

When the ceremony concluded drinks and canapés were served and guests enjoyed the perfect afternoon whilst soaking up the stunning architecture of their surroundings. Mirja is originally from Germany and had a lot of family and loved ones that had literally travelled half of Europe for this wedding.

Wedding photography at Wentworth Woodhouse

Now it was time for some couples photos before the guests were seated for the wedding breakfast. The grounds of Wentworth Woodhouse really spoil you, there is so much to shoot but so little time. We visited a few rooms and made use of some beautiful window light there before we headed outside. The open field provided lots of opportunities and the venue in the background looked amazing. We went outside once again after it got dark. This time it was to take a few night time photos at the top of the stairs. The venue was illuminated beautifully and we used some of this ambient light with a bit of flash to create some gorgeous night time wedding photos. Being a wedding photographer in Rotherham enables me to work in such amazing places, it really is a dream job!

Ballroom wedding breakfast

Onto the wedding breakfast! The looks on guests faces as they entered the ballroom for the first time really sums up this wedding venue. It is literally jaw dropping. Even if you are not planning a wedding there I would definitely recommend visiting, it’s incredible. So after the wedding breakfast it was onto the speeches and of course a slice of wedding cake! Later on a DJ played music and the guests partied the night away.

The entire day from start to finish was amazing and I would like to thank Kerry and Mirja for booking me as their photographer. I hope you have a long and happy life together!

Wentworth Woodhouse wedding – Kerry and Mirja

If you or your loved one is planning a Wentworth Woodhouse wedding and are looking for a photographer, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to discuss your big day.

Wentworth Woodhouse in South Yorkshire
Wedding guests arriving at Wentworth Woodhouse
Bride arriving in a horse drawn carriage at Wentworth Woodhouse
Wentworth woodhouse wedding photographer
Lesbian wedding photography
Lesbian wedding photography
Same sex wedding photography Yorkshire
Lesbian wedding at wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham
Two brides walking up stairs at wentworth woodhouse
Wedding speeches at wentworth woodhouse
Wentworth woodhouse wedding day
Wentworth Woodhouse wedding photographer
Newly married couple after a wedding at Wentworth Woodhouse
Two brides walking outside Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham
Nighttime wedding photos at Wentworth Woodhouse
Wedding photography at Wentworth Woodhouse in Rotherham
Wentworth Woodhouse wedding photos
Wentworth Woodhouse wedding venue at hight
Photo of Wentworth Woodhouse wedding venue at night.

Kerry & Mirja’s other suppliers

Venue: wentworthwoodhouse.org.uk

Horse drawn carriage: Parkhouse Carriages

Helicopter: Heli Jet Aviation

Videography: Highlander Studio

Catering: Dine