Hi, I’m Michal and I would LOVE to photograph your wedding. Although I’m based in South Yorkshire, photography takes me all across the UK and further afield, and I love to travel! So no matter where your big day is happening I would love to be there to photograph every last beautiful, funny, teary moment for you.

From small garden weddings to large nuptial events my camera captured love at some pretty amazing places. I usually work in Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley, Rotherham, Leeds and York and I often come to Edinburgh and Oban photograph weddings across the UK and abroad. I can’t list all the places here but on my blog you’ll find some amazing places I had a privilege to visit.

If you’re interested in booking a wedding with me, know that it’s not the typical wedding photography. I love the uniqueness of everyday things, capturing the quirky things that go on behind the scenes in a natural way and really writing a story with my pictures. Writing a story of you and your betrothed.

What equipment does a wedding photographer use?

I’ve always been using professional Nikon equipment. Since the very beginning when I hold a DSLR camera in my hand I’ve been using this one of the leading brands in the digital photographic industry. I have three camera bodies and multiple lenses in my bag, not to mention other necessary pieces of equipment such as flash guns or remote triggers and a tonne of batteries and memory cards.

Michal Ufniak photographer

For most of the day you will see me carrying two cameras with lenses attached. One always stays in the bag in case one of the main guys fails although this never happened. A good wedding photographer is always prepared.

Michal Ufniak

The lenses are quality prime optics that allow me to work in low light conditions such as churches and some reception venues without the need to use flash. This is all to make sure all the important moments of your wedding are captured.

My team

Beside all the photography stuff I’m a dad of two crazy boys full of energy (aka monkeys) and a husband to a wonderful girl called Monika. We love spending our time outdoors as be it the local Peak District, Yorkshire Dales in Yorkshire, Loch Lomond National Park and Isle of Mull in Scotland or Snowdonia in Wales. In other words, we love to be out and about and we love to travel.

I haven’t been everywhere though and I do have a bucket list (yes, who doesn’t have one!) of places I’d love to visit and themed weddings I’d love to photograph so please do have a look. If you see your location, venue or a theme on the list then let’s chat, there isn’t really a place I can’t go to photograph a wedding.

This is us. we’re nothing but an ordinary group of humans related by consanguinity and affinity. That’s what Wikipedia says anyway. In other words we’re a family and this is the current state of it (pics below). We wake up at 6.30am and start each day with weetabix or porridge and what happens after would probably be a good subject for a family blog. Anyway, these are the people that support me in what I do every single day!

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

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