This is a selection of wedding photos from various weddings I had a pleasure to document. Kind of a wedding photography portfolio. If you’d like to see more full wedding day stories then please visit my blog where you can find real wedding examples from across the UK.

Wedding couple photos

It’s so important to capture the essence of the wedding couple, and there are so many ways to do so. Individual portraits can be taken between the ceremony and the reception, at a private moment spent alone to really take in what it means to be married to this person they’ve chosen.

The couple’s portraits can be elegant and formal, casual and fun or totally irreverent and cheeky. Regardless of the style, I believe the portraits should always convey the personality of each person and demonstrate how they bring out the best in each other. The happy couple tied the knot with each other because they each found the person who completes them. Saving those memories on a special day is the most completely perfect way to remember it.

Be sure to speak to your wedding photographer in advance to plan your couples shots and make sure you accommodate these on your wedding day timeline.

Getting ready photos

Getting ready for your wedding is a truly special feeling. The seconds tick by so slowly and yet far too fast. With every button fastened, every curl gently pinned and every stroke of the makeup brush highlighting your beautiful features, you are taking one more invisible step toward the altar.

It’s a time for connection to your feelings and for quiet moments with your family and loved ones. It is a time to truly understand the decisions that have brought you to this day, and for really enjoying being surrounded by your friends and family as they celebrate with you on your wedding day.

Taking photographs of brides and grooms as they get ready for the moment they’ve been planning for months is like starting the story with “Once upon a time…” It sets the mood and capture real and intimate moments.

Wedding details

There are so many details that make up the entire wedding day, and all too often they can be forgotten. They’re subtle and small, but they’ve been anticipated and planned for, purchased and admired.

It might be the delicate and intricate beading on a belt that was added to a wedding dress passed down through generations. It may be the sheen on the elegant bow tie that pulls the entire tuxedo together and turns a handsome man into a movie star for a day. It is definitely the sparkle of the ring as it rests on the table, waiting to be slipped onto the hand of a new spouse.


From the moment the melody starts to indicate the bridal party is making its way down the aisle to the second the bride’s train disappears around the corner, I love to document the ceremony with utmost detail. This is the shortest part of the wedding day, and yet it’s the most important out of anything else that happens. The smiles are the biggest, the tears fall the hardest, the hands tremble the most.

Capturing the emotion that leaps into a groom’s face as he first catches sight of his bride coming down the aisle on her father’s arm. Capturing the joy and pride on her father’s face as he kisses his little girl’s cheek before joining her hand with his new son-in-law’s. Capturing the clutched tissues in the hands of family and friends as they witness two become one.

Confetti photos

Group shots

Wedding portraits don’t have to be formal and solemn, but they can also be joyful and personal. Sharing smiles, hugs and laughter with family and friends is what this day is meant to be about. Taking pictures with aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents are all part of this day – everyone can give congratulations and whispered words of encouragement and happiness. All the while, picture after picture commits to film the moments of enthusiasm and genuine laughter.

Remembering these small moments later is why wedding photography exists. It is intended to build a lasting documentary of the most important day in a couple’s life together. Being able to look back on these intimate exchanges while remembering how it felt is what keeps that joy alive for all the years to follow.

Wedding reception

The wedding reception is the longest part of the day, and it feels as if no one ever wants it to end. There is so much emotion and passion shared in every toast, with tears shining on cheeks that hurt from laughing too much. The clinking of silverware on champagne glasses that signal the bride and groom to kiss, the muffled sniffling into handkerchiefs as someone recounts a particularly poignant memory – these are all the instants where a photograph freezes time.

The cake cutting, the first dance, the song chosen to dance with their mother or father that has so much meaning steeped in it. All of these moments and more are what create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Thanks for watching! Remember this is only a portfolio page and you can see some of my full day wedding examples on my blog.

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