I am sure you have seen a lot of fairy tale weddings in movies but have you ever heard about a real-life fairy tale wedding? Well, Yasmin and Tausif’s wedding at Colwick Hall is the perfect example of such a wedding. The day dawned crisp and clear. Underneath the clear blue sky, the couple got ready for the special day of their lives. Colwick Hall served to be the venue for Walima.

Asian wedding at Colwick Hall
Wedding photo of bride and groom at Colwick Hall

About Colwick Hall Wedding Venue

Just outside Nottingham is the spacious and impressive Colwick Hall. This magnificent Palladian style Georgian mansion is one of the leading venues which host Asian weddings. The couple’s photos were taken in the back garden of Colwick Hall. The hall gives traditional and comfortable vibes. Beautiful landscaped gardens and fountains are ideal for the most treasured photographs of the day. This luxurious hall proved to be the perfect gathering place for the two families.

Getting ready at Colwick Hall

Moving on towards the highlight of the wedding. Yes, you guessed it right! Our radiant and breathtaking bride “Yasmin”. As beautiful as her name, Yasmin stole the show with her elegant personality and dazzling dress. Yasmin chose to wear a “maxi” for her Walima. This maxi was fully embroidered alongside a net dupatta. Safe to say that the pictures have done justice to capture the shine and sparkle of the dress. While wearing breakneck high heels, hands covered with the rich color of henna (mehndi), and holding a beautiful bridal clutch the bride got ready to meet the love of her life. The dupatta setting was done elegantly whilst keeping in mind the traditional accessories such as; tikka and jhumar.

“Tausif” being an energetic and strikingly handsome groom entered with epic grace. The couple walked down the staircase. The photographs on the staircase embodied royal vibes. Clear blue sky on the back garden of Colwick Hall served as perfect lighting for wedding pictures. A perfect blend of lighting, exposure, and tone range indeed.

Colwick Hall Wedding – Venue decor and food

The couple chose to have floral décor at their wedding. The delicate flowers created a vivid and strong appearance. The food was flavorsome and the cutlery was in perfect match with subtle curtains.

Traditional wedding activities

The women holding flowers on their plates welcomed the couple (a tradition in Asian weddings). Now coming to the most fun awaited part of the wedding – the groomsmen and bridesmaids, bhangra party, music, and feasting. Happiness and laughter filled up the walls of the Colwick Hall. Flowers being the symbol of love and romance were presented to the couple from guests. The couple cut the cake. The cake as shown in the pictures was inexplicable fairy and creamy. The groomsmen did the bhangra, speeches were made and songs were sung to make the day even more memorable.
This is how the beautiful day came to an end.

As the night approached, the couple took some more beautiful and intimate pictures to create a lifelong memory.

Wedding photography at Colwick Hall in Nottingham

This wedding is the perfect embodiment of how to keep the Asian spark alive while being in the UK. These wedding photography gallery cherishes the memories over and over again even if the event has passed a long time ago. Here’s to signing off with the wedding details… and then they lived happily ever after.

Colwick Hall
Asian bride henna photo
Groom getting ready for a wedding at Colwick Hall
Asian wedding at Colwick Hall
Wedding photography at Colwick Hall
Yasmin and Tausif’s Walima at Colwick Hall in Nottingham
Colwick Hall wedding venue at night
Colwick Hall photographed at night