Sheffield town hall wedding venue is one of the most popular wedding venues in Sheffield. Every weekend, dozens of weddings are held in this grand building. Needless to say, it’s a magical place. If you are about to get married there, then I’m sure you will want to know all the details about this gorgeous wedding venue.

About Sheffield Town Hall wedding venue

The Sheffield Town Hall is a beautiful and unique Grade I listed building set right in the heart of Sheffield. With a selection of grand rooms it creates the perfect location for your wedding. The venue is one that holds lots of special memories for Sheffielders.

Sheffield Town Hall can hold both wedding ceremonies and evening receptions for up to 250 people.

There are several rooms at Sheffield Town Hall to hold your wedding ceremony:

  • The Loxley Room – up to 16 guests
  • The Arundel Room – up to 45 guests
  • The Norfolk Room – up to 45 guests
  • The Hallam Room – up to 56 guests

Wedding receptions at Sheffield Town Hall can be held in:

  • Mirror Room
  • Mandela Room

Getting married at Sheffield Town Hall

The City of Sheffield offers a unique setting for your wedding day. The impressive hall, built in 1897, is located in the centre of one of England’s most vibrant, culturally diverse cities. On your big day you will be able to take advantage of the building’s elegant architecture and high ceilings whilst enjoying artefacts from its fascinating history.

Wedding photos at Sheffield Town Hall

Wedding photos at Sheffield Town Hall can be captured quickly and easily after your ceremony before you leave for your reception venue. There are a few things to bear in mind and with good planning we’ll make your wedding photography at Sheffield Town Hall a very enjoyable experience.

The main staircase photo

The main staircase at Sheffield Town Hall provides spectacular backdrop to wedding photos. This is the place where your bridal party will arrive before the ceremony. Bare in mind this is a busy wedding venue and you might not be allowed back there after your ceremony. If there is another wedding party waiting in the hall then you will not get a chance to get your staircase photo after your wedding ceremony and you will be lead out via a different exit at the back.

Of course most couples don’t see each other before the ceremony and if that’s the case then you’ll have to leave it till after the ceremony and hope you’ll get your chance. Other then this if you are arriving together and don’t mind seeing each other before then this will be a good time for the staircase photo.

Main staircase at Sheffield Town Hall

Confetti shot at Sheffield Town Hall

The back exit at Sheffield Town Hall, adjacent to the Peace Gardens is where your wedding party will come out. It’s is a narrow way with barriers on both sides but still just enough of space for the two of you to go through the confetti tunnel.

As always it’s a good idea to consult using confetti with your venue beforehand. If allowed please only use biodegradable confetti, real petals or any other environment friendly alternatives.

Bride and groom outside Sheffield Town Hall wedding venue

Wedding photos outside Sheffield Town Hall

The back entrance at Sheffield Town Hall is usually less busy than the main entrance. If you want your wedding photo taken with this magnificent Sheffield’s landmark in the background then this is the place. Straight after your confetti shot, let your guests head to your reception venue so that you can stay behind with your photographer and have the whole space for yourselves.

Bride and groom posing outside Sheffield Town Hall wedding venue
Bride and groom outside Sheffield Town Hall

Wedding photos at the Peace Gardens

The Peace Gardens is one of the most popular spots in Sheffield and is very likely to be packed with lots of people. Seasonal events might be taking place there as well like Christmas Market for example.

Sheffield Winter Garden

If you’re up for a bit longer walk (not that long though) then Sheffield Winter Garden is just around the corner and can serve as a beautiful backdrop to your wedding images.

Sheffield Winter Gardens wedding photography

City Centre

Finally, depending on where you’re having your reception and how much time you have, there is an option of a City Centre photo walk. Historic buildings, amazing modern architecture and alternative murals are a great opportunity for a wedding shoot in Sheffield City Centre.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you will find this article useful while planning your Sheffield Town Hall wedding. All the images in this post were taken by me. I provide wedding photography in Sheffield and if you’d like to enquire about my availability for your wedding at Sheffield Town Hall then please get in touch via the form below.