Are you planning a South Yorkshire wedding and looking for a list of wedding venues in Sheffield or nearby? In this blog post I’m going to list some of my favourite wedding venues in South Yorkshire that I had a pleasure to work with as a wedding photographer.

So what is the best wedding venue in Sheffield and South Yorkshire?

Well, I wasn’t going to answer that question. This is entirely down to your preferences. Even the most prestigious hotel in the area is not going to appeal to you if your goal is to have a rustic barn wedding. Before I jump into writing about wedding venues it’s important to to say that I’m not a kind of blogger who posts reviews either. Hopefully you would have figured it out when reading my wedding blog. This is not about to change, not any time soon anyway. There is nothing wrong with it of course, it’s just not what I do on this blog. I mostly put some of the real weddings I photographed or some wedding day tips. As a wedding photographer I get to visit a lot of wedding venues in Sheffield, Yorkshire and all over the UK (even abroad) and could probably post a review every so often. However my experience of wedding venues is that of a wedding photographer. It’s been over 10 years since we got married and It wasn’t even near Sheffield so we’ve never had the opportunity to experience any of the local venues as a couple. Instead this is going to be a list of some of my favourite places to get married in Sheffield and surrounding areas. I know there are plenty of fantastic wedding venues in South Yorkshire that are worth mentioning but it’s well beyond the scope of this blog. After all it’s a wedding photography blog and I will only touch on the subject of local wedding venues and give you some ideas to play with if you’re on the lookout for a Sheffield wedding venue.

After years of documenting weddings (mostly in the South Yorkshire area) I can honestly say that I have not had any bad experience working with any venue I attended and please do not think otherwise if there are a venue out there that I worked with and it’s not on the list. There are however some places that for some reason got stuck in my memory for longer. It could be because I visited that venue a few times, maybe they had an exceptionally good coffee or maybe just because I really liked it. In other words this is in no particular order and no one has asked me or paid me to put them on this list. I’m only doing it so that I can say to couples wanting to get married: ‘Hey, are you getting married? Have a look at these fantastic wedding venues.

Sheffield Town Hall

I can’t imagine writing about wedding venues in Sheffield and not including this magnificent landmark of the city centre. The Sheffield Town Hall is a beautiful Grade I listed building located right in the heart of the steel city. The grand interiors and a magnificent marble staircase can provide a beautiful setting for your wedding ceremony and wedding photos. The location also makes it perfect for those that would like to add an urban vibe to their wedding photos during a short photo walk through the city centre before setting off for the reception venue.

Sheffield Town Hall wedding venue
Sheffield Town Hall

Whirlowbrook Hall

Whirlowbrook Hall is located just 4 miles from Sheffield City centre and 2 miles away from The Peak District border. Built in 1906 as a manor house, the hall kept many original features giving plenty of opportunities for your wedding photos. Nearly 40 acres of beautiful gardens

Bride and groom outside Whirlowbrook Hall wedding venue in Sheffield

Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall is a grade 1 listed Georgian mansion set in a beautifully landscaped park with lakes. Built by George Platt and James Paine this mid 18th century Georgian mansion is a perfect wedding venue.

Cusworth Hall wedding venue in South Yorkshire

Aston Hall

Aston Hall is a beautiful 18th century building that has been renovated to its former glory. It’s full of beautiful original features and has plenty of outdoor spare making it ideal for your outdoor summer wedding.

Aston Hall wedding venue in Sheffield

Wortley Hall

Located just 20 mins away from the Sheffield city centre, this stately home remains one of my favourite wedding venues in South Yorkshire. Wortley Hall kept plenty of beautiful original features and has some beautifully landscaped gardens.

Wortley Hall wedding venue in South Yorkshire

Which of these wedding venue caught your attention?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like my list of wedding venues in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Again this was in no particular order and was to give you some ideas if you are currently planning your own wedding. I will try to update the list as often as I can so please re visit after a while and you may find some new venue ideas for your South Yorkshire wedding.