Kelly and Nathan married at The Stables in a small village of High Melton near Doncaster in South Yorkshire. It was a beautiful and intimate wedding of a couple of fans of Lego, The Lord of The Rings and The Star Wars saga featuring some beautiful handmade decorations and a half Lord of The Rings and half Star Wars wedding cake.

It was also one of the last weddings being held at this beautiful wedding venue before it closed its doors. As a wedding photographer in Doncaster I miss this place a lot but hopefully one day the new owner will decide to turn it back into a wedding  place again so it can go back on my list of the best wedding reception venues in Doncaster.

Pictures from Kelly and Nathan’s wedding at The Stables in Doncaster

In the meantime please enjoy this beautiful wedding gallery 🙂

Courtyard at The Stables
Wedding at the stables
The Stables wedding
The stables wedding venue

The Stables wedding Suppliers

Photography: me 🙂

Venue: The Stables