The Barn at Harburn wedding I’m about to show you was a very relaxed family gathering I was really looking forward to. I could say I knew half of the guests already! I met Bridget and Martin a few months before at this wedding at The Alnwick Garden. It was Martin’s sister that was getting married at the time hence when I came to Harburn it felt like I knew half of the guests already. At the time Martin walked his sister Natalie down the aisle but this time it was his turn and he was the one waiting to see Bridget in her white dress.

The Barn at Harburn wedding – Bridget and Martin

It was a super relaxed ceremony held in the historic rondavel and emotional readings from Martin’s sisters gave it extra an warmth. As part of the Celtic hospitality tradition, both parties had a drink of whiskey from a quaich before Bridget and martin tied the knot (literally!).

The rest of the day was spent in a similar atmosphere. The rustic barn gave it a special feeling and the rustic coffee bar provided refreshments throughout the afternoon. It wasn’t long before the whole barn started buzzing and the traditional ceilidh band made everyone sweat on the dancefloor, I can hear it in my head even a year later. A proper wedding!

Thanks for getting this far! Here is the list of some other heplers that made this day this beautiful:

Venue: The Barn at Harburn

Careting: Food Creations

Band: Fiddle Castro

Coffee bar: Something Brewed