Top 10 images from Cusworth Hall weddings

Cusworth Hall is a very special place to me. Having lived within a few minutes from this beautiful wedding venue, I visited the place many times. I come here nearly every week with my family and I’ve been here many times as a wedding photographer. Here are my top wedding images from Cusworth Hall weddings. If you recently got engaged and planning your wedding at Cusworth Hall then hopefully this set of wedding photos from this beautiful wedding venue will give you some photo ideas for you own big day.

Cusworth Hall Weddings

Located less than 3 miles north from Doncaster town centre and only 5 minutes away from where I live this Grade 1 listed building is one of my favourite Doncaster wedding venues and I have lots of beautiful memories as well as images from Cusworth Hall weddings to share with you. Here are my top picks from the weddings I photographed. They are in no particular order.

Portrait of bride and groom in the pond area

Bride & groom portrait from Cusworth Hall wedding

This beautiful wedding portrait was taken in the pond area of the park. We had planned this photo with the couple prior to the wedding day so I didn’t have to do any convincing on the day that it was worth walking down the hill in heels however trainers of wellies on a wet day are ways better to combat that hill!

Utilise shade

Yorkshire wedding photographers

I love utilising shady places. If you’re tired of that harsh midday sun then a little bit of shade will give you that soft gentle look without casting unwanted shadows under your eyes and chins. This portrait was taken around midday just outside the gate to the side yard where 1086 Brewery recently opened.

Window lit portrait of bride and groom

Sanita & Nerijus - Cusworth Hall weddings

The Grand Salon is one of the most impressive rooms at Cusworth Hall. Packed with original Edwardian features with large south facing windows this room makes an ideal backdrop for your wedding pictures.

Bride arriving

Brida arriving at Cusworth Hall in a vintage VW Beetle

This photo was taken moments after the bride went past the gatehouse making her way to meet the groom down the aisle. I love that vintage VW Beetle too!

Window lit portrait of bride and groom

Wedding photography at Cusworth Hall

Another wedding portrait in The Grand Salon at Cusworth Hall utilising beautiful window light. Full of beautiful rooms Cusworth Hall is ideal for your wedding day. Lots of large windows provide beautiful natural light you can do magic with.

Cusworth Hall staircase

Cusworth Hall wedding of Hannah and Tom

The grand stairs leading to the front entrance to the hall alwars provide a great backdrop and are a perfect setting for your wedding photos.

Portrait of a groom in the library

Wedding photography at Cusworth Hall

We couldn’t help placing this groom right next to one of the windows in the library for this beautiful getting ready style photo. Simple window light is one of the best ways to illuminate your couples on a wedding day.

Heart shaped wedding detail

Cusworth Hall wedding photographer

Why not incorporate some wedding details into your wedding venue pictures? With a bit of creativity and a minute of spare time we created this heart shaped image of Cusworth Hall that remains one of my favourite wedding pictures from this venue.

Bride and groom portrait in the chapel

Sanita & Nerijus at Cusworth Hall

When taking your wedding photos at Cusworth Hall you can’t forget about the chapel.

About the photographer

Michal Ufniak wedding photographerI am a wedding photographer based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I live only 5 mins away from the beautiful Cusworth Hall therefore can offer good rates to all couples getting married at this beautiful place. If you are planning your wedding at Cusworth Hall then I would love to hear from you!