Beach weddings are very popular among UK couples, with many choosing to travel abroad to white-sand beaches and sunshine for their big day. However, it’s important to realise that beach weddings are not limited to tropical destinations; beaches come in all shapes and sizes. From pebble beaches in the UK, to black-sand beaches in Iceland, the possibilities for beach weddings are truly endless!

If you have dreamt about saying ‘I do’ on a beach but have lots of questions, hopefully this blog will provide some of the answers.

Married couple after a beach wedding

How to plan a beach wedding?

If you have just begun the wedding planning process, your first thoughts will probably be the venue. Will you choose to marry in a grand stately home? Perhaps barn weddings are your kind of vibe? Or maybe you’ve always quite liked the idea of a beach wedding?

Are beach weddings expensive?

The great thing about beach weddings is that they can be as expensive or as cheap as you want them to be. Standing on a beach with the natural landscape behind you means that you don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on ceremony décor; you already have the perfect backdrop!

Destination also plays a big role in answering this question! If you dream of having a destination beach wedding in the Maldives, then of course that will be expensive. However, there are some stunning beaches in less obvious wedding destinations in Europe that would cost a fraction of the price. Or even cheaper still, have you considered a wedding on the good old British coast? Devon and Cornwall are just two of the places in the UK with beaches that could rival those in Europe. What better way to keep your guests happy than with fish and chips on the beach?

In short, the cost of a beach wedding depends on the destination. Don’t forget to factor in the cost for your guests; a Maldivian wedding may be within your budget, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily affordable for your guests. Be open to alternative ideas and you could have a very unique beach wedding that doesn’t break the bank for yourselves (or your guests!)

Inexpensive beach wedding decor

How do you plan a beach wedding?

The best beach weddings begin with lots of research. You want to find out what the weather is like at different times of the year, if you can legally marry on the beach and how you go about securing suppliers and a celebrant.

If you discover that a legal ceremony on your beach of choice is not possible, don’t threat! Have you considered having a legal ceremony first and then a symbolic ceremony on the beach? Or perhaps you could visit the beach for photos with your guests after the ceremony?

If you are hoping to have a beach wedding abroad, you may wish to hire the help of a Wedding Planner. They can be costly, however, if there is a language barrier with your destination of choice or if you won’t be able to travel there freely before the big day to meet with suppliers, a Wedding Planner could save you a lot of stress and ensure the planning process runs smoothly. Your wedding photographer can often offer plenty of advice as they are usually familiar with the local venues and suppliers.

Our advice would be to factor in the cost of travelling to the destination at least once before the wedding (even if you have enlisted a Wedding Planner) as you may be required to meet face-to-face to sort out the legal side of the marriage. Plus, it would be a shame to miss out on cake-tasting and menu-tasting as these are arguably the highlights of planning a wedding!

Bride and groom - beach wedding

How to dress for a beach wedding?

Once you have settled on where to get married, you will start to wonder about what to wear. Again, this answer depends on the destination of your beach wedding but a general rule is to not wear stilettos! Many couples choose to have a barefoot ceremony as the beach is one of the few places this is possible and it creates a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

If you have chosen a hot destination for your wedding on the beach, you will want to avoid any materials that will make you too hot. For the groom, a light material for his suit is a must or maybe he will decide to lose the suit jacket altogether and opt for a cool shirt. For the bride, lightweight chiffon or silk is what you want to look for and with beach weddings, it’s all about ‘less is more’.

If you are getting married on a beach in the UK, chunky blankets that match your colour scheme and umbrellas for your guests will be the perfect finishing touch to a truly authentic Great British wedding!

Hopefully this blog has opened your eyes to the many possibilities that a beach wedding can bring. Beach weddings are not just limited to high-end, white-sand occasions in the Maldives! A beach wedding can be tailored to suit a range of budgets and tastes and can take place almost anywhere in the world! Whatever venue you decide on for your big day, we hope that all your wedding dreams come true!