Having spent most of last summer shooting destination weddings, I’ve a backpack full of wedding photos to put on the blog and it’s about time I start updating the blog. First one on the agenda is this seaside wedding shoot in northern Poland. Aleksandra and Patryk married earlier this summer in their home town in eastern Poland but as they both live and work in Gdansk, they had this idea of this beach wedding shoot at Baltic seaside, kind of trash the dress type photo shoot.

Baltic seaside wedding photography

We went to one of the local beaches in Gdynia, part of the Tricity. Orlowo Klif is actually a popular spot when it comes to wedding photos but that evening it was just us and one another couple having their photos taken so it wasn’t too bad and I only had to photoshop another wedding photographer out from one photo! Being a summer lover myself I didn’t mind getting wet to get some shots, shame noone took a photo of me standing in the water trying to get the shot of the couple 🙂

Sporting a burgundy suit, Patryk and beautiful Alexandra wearing a stunning wedding dress, looked like models and were a pleasure to photograph. In fact we spent so much time on the beach and in the nearby woodland that before we realised it had gone completely dark and we found ourselves walking back to the carpark through the forest in pitch black darkness only using our mobile phone torches! Can you imagine spotting a newlyweds with torches in the middle of a forest at night?!

This shoot has been featured  on www.mrspandp.com www.mrspandp.com wedding blog.